Cards For California


Hi there!

On November 30th, I posted over on Instagram about an idea I’ve been thinking about. I’m calling Cards for California. The devastating fires in California in November, especially the Camp Fire which occurred about 150 miles from where I live, have left me feeling very sad, and very helpless to make a difference when there is so much needed by so many victims. Here’s a link to the post, and here’s a link to my Instagram story archive if you’d like to see my 2-minute video.

I wanted to find a way to grow what I’m able to give into something bigger and so the idea that I had is this: if you’re willing to donate $10 or more to the United Way of Northern California, earmarked for the Camp Fire, I will send you a handmade card, randomly chosen from cards made by myself, Jennifer McGuire (@jennifermcguireink) Lee Ann (@paperheartscissors), Wanda (@stampcatwg), and Kathy Racoosin (@kathyrac). One hundred percent of the your donation to the Camp Fire Relief fund will go to Camp Fire relief efforts. The United Way is supporting victims by providing emergency cash assistance and gift cards to victims who lost their homes. You can learn more here.

The card that I send you will be blank on the inside and will come with an envelope so that you can send it on, or can give it to someone to send on. I’m also happy to write a personal note if that’s what you prefer. I just thought the card would have more use and value if I hadn’t written in it 😉 I also have some little extras such as embellishments, small dies, and small stamps, that I will randomly include in some, but not all packages. I will continue to look for more little surprises that I can include.

To give, donate directly to The United Way of Northern California. Please make sure that your contribution supports Camp Fire Relief (there is a drop down menu that should already have this selection) and is made on or after the date of this post, December 2, 2018. Then, forward the email receipt to me (or send me a screenshot of it or the confirmation page when you send the donation) via email to cardsforcalifornia at gmail dot com. When I made a donation the other day, the email receipt included the amount, the date, my name, email address, street address, credit card type (no numbers), credit card expiration date, and phone number. Please feel free to blur/black out any information that you don’t wish to share with me, I just need to know that you sent a donation of $10 or more to support Camp Fire Relief. I also promise not to share any of your information that you do share.

I’ll need to know your mailing address so that I can send your card and also please let me know if I may tag you as a contributor when I post about Cards for California on Instagram. If you’d like me to tag you, please let me know your Instagram name.

International readers: postage to foreign addresses may be cost prohibitive for me, but if you want to participate and can help with postage, thank you!

And that’s it! This project helps ease the heaviness in my heart and enables me to feel like I’m helping to spread a bit of love, all while providing one more incentive for our crafty community to contribute to the Camp Fire relief fund. THANK YOU!!!


2 thoughts on “Cards For California”

  1. God bless you. We almost moved to Paradise, California four years ago, and our hearts have just been torn by their devastation. We just sent a boxful of gift cards last Friday to the Pastor at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church of Paradise (now in Chico) to pass around to those in need. We went to this church as we were looking for our new home. If you need more “thank you” cards and little gifts for those helping in the cause, please let me know. You are doing an amazing thing.



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